Sunday, 23 October 2011

How to hide files in a picture

1. Save a picture with .jpg format in your C drive.
2. Move your files to be hidden in a new folder and create .zip or .rar folder of the new folder in the C drive.
For example, I have created an image file with name "Danger.jpg" and the folder I need to hide is named as ""
3. Open command prompt ( Go to Start>>Run>>Type cmd and click OK)
4. Type CD/ to go to C drive (or CD "Desktop" if you have saved your files on desktop) and press enter.

5. Type copy /b Danger.jpg + Danger.jpg and press Enter. (use .rar instead of .zip depending on the extension of your folder)
Format: copy/b inputimage.jpg + foldername.extension outputimage.jpg
Copy file
6. You can even give another name for outputimage.jpg file. In that case a new .jpg file will be created.
7. Once done you can check size of the image file which should have been increased
8. To access back the files
i) Change the extension of your image to .rar or .zip and extract the contents
ii) Right click the image and choose Open with and select WinRAR or WinZip accordingly.

NOTE : It will work in windows XP not in Windows 7

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